Thanks to many options, people prefer renting most things these days. If you are a photographer or need to organize a shoot for a day, it makes sense to look for photo studio rental, instead of investing in expensive equipment and rental space. With studio rentals, you will get everything that’s required for a successful commercial or private shoot session, and there are quite a few studios that have special packages for small requirements. In this post, we have enlisted the things you need to check before taking the final call.

Start with your requirements

Are you organizing a large commercial shoot? Do you need expensive and fancy lighting equipment? What about the size of the studio? It’s more than important that you make a list of your requirements, so that you can discuss things further with a few studio rentals. Understand your budget and other constraints and the kind of assistance you would expect from the studio.

Find more about the pricing

Rental photo studios are available for different requirements, and the packages can be customized as needed. However, with most studios, you would need to rent the place for a minimum of two hours. Most of the studios have a fixed hourly rate for the space, and the price is decided by many factors, including the size and other facilities of the concerned studio. If you have a large unit, you will need a bigger studio, and the prices can be as high as $100 per hour. For smaller ones, expect to pay around $25 per hour. You might want to also check for monthly rates, especially if you need the space for a longer period.

Other charges

Before you search for photo studio rental near me, take a moment to consider the additional charges. Most studios will charge a fee for cancellation. The rate can vary, but if you are cancelling the booking within 48 hours, you might have to half of the decided amount. For extended hours, the prices can be different for every standard studio, so make sure to confirm the same.

Finally, do check if you can get a lighting technician for the shoot, besides all the other lighting equipment. The rates for equipment are generally decided by the hour, but having an estimate will only help in planning the budget. Talk to the concerned studio or check their website to find the photos of their rooms, so that you can compare the prices effectively.


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