Fa-la-la-la-la, it’s fall—the season amateur photography enthusiasts and professionals alike adore. This time off year offers a natural backdrop full of color that invites you to go outside and capture the beauty. It’s also an ideal time to get ahead of the yuletide rush and create your photo Christmas cards. But, before you break out the jingle bells and matching red bows, you may want to make sure you’re not heading for a Christmas card blunder. Below are some tips for creating holiday photo cards that stand out and look great.

Pick a Versatile Location

When choosing where to take your Christmas photos, it’s best to pick somewhere that has a lot of different scenery to play in front of. Locations like public parks are ideal for getting a lens-full of the changing foliage, and they typically won’t cost a penny to photograph in. You should also pick somewhere that the family feels comfortable. The days of posed portraits are long gone. Capturing the shot for your photo Christmas cards should be fun, so choose a location where everyone can play and relax.

Don’t Wear Uniforms

Stiff, matching attire translates to photos that look awkward and contrived. It’s a good idea for everyone to wear clothes that fit well, but don’t wrinkle easily. Everyone should be able to sit or stand to maximize the versatility of the photos you can take. When selecting clothing for the shoot, decide whether you want a casual look for your photo Christmas cards or something a little more dressed up. Then, coordinate based on the same palette of colors.

Send a Snapshot, Not a Novel

Hopefully, you aren’t still enclosing a standard glossy 4×6 along with a multi-page printout narrating every minor highlight of the past 12 months. Instead, the modern Christmas card calls for something much simpler for your friends and family to enjoy. Photo Christmas cards are a wonderful way to share a snapshot of your life’s happenings. Creating one yourself, though, requires a good understanding of space and design. You’ll also need to select, purchase, and download an attractive font and put together an inspiring message. Just kidding! There’s an easier way.

Use Mixbook to Create your Photo Christmas Cards

Luckily, there’s Mixbook. The website features fully customizable photo card designs starting at $1.29, so it won’t bust your gift budget. Browse through the holiday-themed templates to choose the one that suits your style, then drop in pre-selected photos and personalize the greeting. Mixbook will print and mail your photo Christmas cards to you with plenty of time before the seasonal bustle begins. Plus, Mixbook has a great customer service team that you can connect with quickly. The chat function lets you message in real-time with professionals, and their help page is actually helpful—with answers to tons of questions and useful tips. You can get started with ideas for your photo Christmas cards right now by checking out some of the site’s awesome design suggestions and videos.

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