You should always buy best underwater video camera in the market. Ensure it has a lot of latitude for video, if you are aiming to go for macro videography underwater. So, be ready to spend some time on a variety of wildlife and explore the world under water with the best underwater video camera as your accomplice. Also, we have listed some tips for you on how to ace the skills of better macro video shooting underwater. Thank us later.

Get acquainted with the controls of your camera

  1. Shoot in Manual

This is considered the best practice to get a good video. Manual settings are not that hard, as it seems to be. As a matter of fact, shooting in manual will only take changing 2 settings every once in a while. When playing with the manual mode, you just have to hit the record button on your underwater camera to shoot at the pre-set settings you have configured before.

  1. Front and rear dials

These dials should always be set to shutter speed and aperture. Ensure that you have the shutter speed set to 1/60th a second. If you are aiming for getting the best depth of the field, set the aperture at f/11 mostly. You will not desire to change the settings once you are in middle of shooting the video.

  1. Just hit the button

You need to set this control to ISO. This is the most preferred settings when it comes to shooting video. Just hit the button and turn the real dial to get the right exposure as quickly as you can.

Accessory Lenses

Get a camera with a wide 24-70 mm equivalent lens. It is considered the best practice to get as near as you can on the subject. The nearer you are the sharper, better and clearer picture you get. This is why you need the best close up lens to get a good macro shot. You will require at least a +10 close up dioptre lens. The stronger the close up lens, the nearer you have to get to the subject.

Shoot for a longer time

When it comes to shooting a video, consider that you are showcasing a story. To implement it accurately, you will require a room before and after the shot for editing purposes. It is not similar to capturing still images that you will need to have patience for the exact moment to capture an image. When it comes to the video shoot, you will need to begin before the action and wait till the action is fully stopped. This is applicable to all video shooting but is important when it comes to shooting with a small camera. At least run for a minute before stop recording. This is ideal for stationary subjects. When shooting moving objects, you need to adjust the camera position constantly. You can also keep the camera running, while chasing the subject at the same time and wait for it to come into focus. In other words, you will also need to scan through long clips in post but look for a higher rate of getting the shot and carrying a large memory card to capture the entire dive worth of footage.

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