Planning your wedding can be a chaotic process. Endless aspects that need personal attention, and in between all these things, you have to plan your attire, wedding look, and more. Well, every wedding is a ‘perfect’ wedding, but you can certainly make it more special with the right arrangements. In this post, we have enlisted 6 things that you must include in your plans.

Include a live program

Musical shows, stand-up comedy gigs, or fun dance programs, there are endless ways to entertain your guests. Wedding entertainment is a unique genre for event management companies these days, and you will find multiple options, depending on your budget. For wedding parties, it’s best to plan something that doesn’t last for more than an hour.

Plan the perfect exit

Well, once the wedding is over, the couple needs to leave the venue, and this has to be as fun as possible. You can check for a few ideas on planning the perfect exit. From balloons and bells to sky lanterns and flower petals, there are so many innovative ideas.

Focus on table décor

While the theme of the wedding is highly important, you should concentrate more on the table décor and arrangements. Floral elements should be in sync with the theme, and every table should have the essentials that the guests would expect. Talk to a wedding planner about the cutlery, candles and other things that would be placed on each table, and if possible, ask for a demo.

Make a difference with mood lighting

If you have an evening wedding, lighting becomes more important. Flashy lights are passé. Today, it is all about subtle elements and simpler lights. Based on your theme and what you intend to spend, you can include pendant lights and chandeliers that have the right mix of contemporary and classic elements. Instead of large lighting items, go for smaller ones that add attention to every essential element of the décor.

Music for everyone

Your guest list will have people of all ages, and therefore, you have to be cautious about the music selection. Of course, soft and romantic numbers are always useful, but you can make things more fun by inviting a wedding DJ, especially if you have planned an after-party right after the main ceremony. Try to include more genres in your music collection, so that everyone can enjoy.

Buy the perfect gift

A return gift is the best way to thank your guests, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Ideally, if you have a small guest list, you can give a nice bottle of wine with a handwritten note. Things like scented candles, décor gifts, essential oils, and chocolates make an instant impression. Also, you can include handcrafted products, which have a personal touch. Keep everything ready before the wedding day, and don’t forget to buy a few extra gifts. After all, we always meet unexpected people at our weddings.

Just plan a little early and you will have the time to include everything on your list of to-dos!

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